Welcome to Aradhana

The journey began in 2008. A group of youths, waiting for their professional lives to begin, used to spend long hours every day hanging out with each other, savouring the lively exchange of ideas that is the lifeblood of such addas. Then, with the inexorable passage of time, came the day when each started working, took upon themselves the responsibilities and burdens of domestic life. And they started feeling that in all the busyness of their present existence, what was slowly getting lost was friendship and the transparence of its bonds ... the couple-centric life, extreme self-immersion, corrosive identity crisis were slowly squeezing life and joy out of these men who were still at heart the young boys of their youth. This led to the creation of a club named ‘Aradhana’. Organising the Durga Puja was merely an excuse. The real reason was the getting together of friends. If one could relive the simplicity and sincerity of young friendship for four short days, there surely could be no harm in trying?


The old hangout, the hallowed ground for the addas of youth, became another new location for the worship of the Goddess. From dawn to the small hours of the morning this place became the site for varied programmes, conversation full of jokes and laughter, and acts of deep devotion – it was a journey of forging kinship out of friends. All of them have roots in Asansol but they congregate here from far-off palces for this time of the year. You too are invited to this festival of being happy, with your support and wishes we will be able to take this relationship much further.


Each year we try to help the underprivileged as much as possible within our means. After all, laughter and joy is for everyone. Even if we cannot bring a smile to every face, we want to help some live a slightly better life. Our very best wishes to everyone.


Contact Information

G. T. Road, Asansol - 713301
E-mail: aradhana.committee@gmail.com